Exeter University Press Release

Exeter University Press Release
July 25, 1994

The University Conference Office took a booking some months ago from the London Church of Christ for a conference to be held on University premises from 23-26 August 1994.

This was a routine booking of meeting rooms and other accomodation, one of many made each year. The booking office was unaware of the concern associated with the activities of the London Church of Christ which has now come to my attention. The University understands that the activities of the group have been banned from Birmingham University and discouraged at others. The NUS (National Union of Students) has frequently expressed its concern about cults working on campus, including the London Church of Christ which is cited in its recent publication Cults on Campus as one of the most active.

The University has been advised by solicitors that it is now too late to cancel the booking. The University wishes to put on record that it disassociates itself entirely from the methods of recruitment and activities of the London Church of Christ which may be prejudicial to the welfare of students.

Such activities are not welcome here now, during the conference, or in the future.

I want to make it clear that it is not our intention to offer our facilities on any part of the University’s premises to the group at any time in the future. I am taking these steps to ensure that the interests of our students are not put at risk. In this I have the support of the President of the Guild of Students.

Sir Geoffrey Holland,
July 25 1994

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