Students’ Union takes on campus church cults

Students’ Union takes on campus church cults

The Times, 6 July 1993
By Ian Murray

The National Union of Students is mounting a campaign against the use of university facilities by cults and religious sects, with the fast- growing London Church of Christ as its first target.

Keele University, Staffordshire, has let out its campus next week for the annual conference of the London Church of Christ, which mounts aggressive campaigns to recruit students.

The church, which started recruiting in Britain ten years ago, now has around 2000 members with branches in Birmingham, Manchester and other cities. It is under investigation by the Charity Commissioners about how it spends the 1.2 million pounds it raises, largely by charging a tithe to its followers. Most are under 30.

Kevin Sexton, the NUS vice-president responsible for welfare, said yesterday: “We want to stop them being allowed to use facilities at universities. We are advising student unions on all campuses about the potential problems.

“These people can be quite difficult for students to cope with if they are feeling insecure and we need to give them help”.

A spokesman for Keele University said of the church booking last night: “The students have already complained about it, but there is nothing we can do because we have a contract and cannot just opt out”.

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