Destructive religious group targeting Manhattan

Destructive religious group targeting Manhattan

Kansas State Collegian, September 14, 1999
By Jamie Barrett

K-State and Manhattan are being targeted by a large, cult-like group called the International Church of Christ.

Don Fallon, coordinator of religious activities, said he is concerned about the group being in Manhattan because of its cult-like status in larger cities such as Kansas City, Kan., Kansas City, Mo., and Lawrence.

Fallon said the group already has established itself within the community, and said it is targeting Manhattan because it is a college town.

“The group is already actively recruiting within the community,” Fallon said. “They have commonly cult-like recruiting methods such as advertising Bible studies and holding services.”

Fallon said the group also might use the method of having “Bible Talks” within the residence halls.

“Their ‘Bible Talks’ are done from a bible that was written by the group’s national leader,” Fallon said.

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“And the talks are more designed to recruit new members to their type of Christianity.”

Fallon said concern was first shown when he realized this group might not comply with the campus religious guidelines.

“Through their recruiting, they practice discipling,” Fallon said. “Discipling is where a recruited member is assigned a discipler who must monitor them and control them fully.”

Fallon and other campus officials are trying to make sure students are aware of the group.

“We are trying to get ahead of the group by making their destructive ways known to students,” said Carla Jones, associate dean on student life.

Fallon said students should report any situations in which they feel pressured, or any other situations in which they feel questionable.

“My office is open to students that have questions regarding the group or cults in general,” Fallon said.

A local church also is named the Church of Christ, but the two are not at all affiliated.

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