Lincoln women experience church’s relentless pursuit

Lincoln women experience church’s relentless pursuit

Lincoln Journal, 26 February 1991

Two Lincoln women say a fundamentalist organization linked to the controversial Boston Church of Christ is relentless in its recruitng efforts.

A 22-year-old woman said a female member of the church approached her about a month ago at the Gateway Food Court where she works. The woman described the recruiter as “very friendly.”

The recruiter told her she was from the Denver Church of Christ and that other members like herself had been sent to Lincoln to start a new church. The recruiter mentioned nothing about the Boston Church of Christ.

The recruiter first invited the woman and her boyfriend to a Super Bowl party in late January. About 12 to 15 people attended the party, ranging in age from 18 to 2i.

The woman said the members “barely wanted to sav anything about their beliefs.” Each time the woman said she questioned them about their beliefs, she was told it would be discussed at further meetings.

During the Super Bowl party, the subject of confessions came up and one of the church members told the woman that the church practices group confessions.

“She (church member) said the Bible says vou’re supposed to confess to one another,” the woman said. The subject was dropped when the woman disagreed.

After later accepting an in%itation to breakfast, the woman said the two female recruiters she spoke with were vague about their beliefs.

“All they say is: ‘It’s all based on the Bible. We Believe the Bible’s the final authority in anything,”‘ the woman said.

The couple said thay are contacted by recruiters daily but have declined to go to further meetings.

A 30-year-old University of Nebraska-Lincoln staff member first attended a Bible study after meeting recruiters on the street. The church seemed to offer what she had been looking for.

The woman had some knowledge of the Boston Church of Christ movement. When she asked one of the leaders of the group if the church was a part of the Boston Church of Christ, he replied, “Yes, I am. Does it annoy you?” She said it did not.

Because the Bible study had gone so well the woman said she decided to continue meeting with the group. In the week that followed, the woman said she was constantly contacted by recruiters at home and work – in person and by phone – even receiving two separate visits in the same afternoon.

“It was getting to be more than I could handle,” she said.

Although she thought the members were coming on “a bit strong” she decided to give it another try. At a meeting between the woman who first contacted her and another member who was called a leader, the woman said she was asked very pointed, personal questions.

“They then got to a point where they asked a couple of questions that I felt had nothing to do with my spirituality or my soul,” the woman said.

When the woman refused to answer their questions, the interviewers said the meeting was over. As the woman drove the recruiter back to her apartment, the recruiter told the woman she was being “prideful and selfish”.

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