If you’re not careful, you may be next

If you’re not careful, you may be next

The Peak, Simon Fraser University, October 5 1998
By Kay Farquharson

I was very pleased to see the article about the Christian Cult in the last issue of The Peak. More people need to be made aware that these people are out there and what members of the Vancouver Church of Christ are up to.

Being a Christian myself, I can somewhat understand the convictions of the people in this group to want others to know about their faith, but by preying on people that may be lonely or in need of a friend is not the way to go about doing it. Pushing your beliefs on to unsuspecting individuals is not right and I for one do not appreciate being taken advantage of.

During my first week of classes I was confronted five different times by the same girl trying to convince me that joining their group would be a wise thing to do. She didn’t even realize that she had spoken to me before. They are not interested in making a new friend or helping you fit in, all they care about is converting someone else to join their religion.

It is not my intention to stir up the pot. I just want to urge people to take the advise that was given in the article last week and to let people know that the members in this group can be very convincing. If you are not careful you may be the next person dropping your classes in order to recruit people for you new faith.

Thank you again to The Peak for printing that article last week.

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