Transcript of Al Baird discussing sinlists

Al Baird speaks about “sin lists”

This transcript was made available by Richard Helmbrecht. Thanks Richard!

RICHARD HELMBRECHT: On October 15th, 1993, ABC’s 20/20 aired a spot on the ICC. During an interview with John Stossell, Al Baird of the Boston congregation had the following to say about ‘sin lists’.

JOHN STOSSELL: And what about this ‘sin list’ that gets passed around?

AL BAIRD: I don’t know of a sin list…Show me a sin list that gets passed around by the leaders of the church.

JOHN: OK. (Produces a copy of a sin list with the names darkened out and hands it to Al) You haven’t seen this?

AL: I’m not familiar with this…If this exists…This is totally wrong and if I found out…(fade)

RICHARD: Shortly afterwards during a similar spot on Inside Edition (CBS), Al Baird had the following to say about the same issue.

AL: It wasn’t circulated! That was a list from one leader to another and someone took the list and gave it to you…(fade to announcer)

ANNOUNCER: Al Baird is an elder in the church and its official spokesman…(fade back to interview)

INTERVIEWER: The things on this list should have never gone beyond the person that’s discipling…

AL: That’s exact…That’s exact…uh the leader of the group. The leader of that group must know…(fade out)

RICHARD: Isn’t the contradiction that exists here obvious? You decide.

Now hear it for yourself

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