Do Not Dismiss Church of Christ Outright

Do Not Dismiss Church of Christ Outright

The Tech (MIT), September 10, 1993
A letter from Amy Courtney

I am responding to Betsy Draper’s caution against involvement in the Boston Church of Christ [“Christian Student Association Has Cult Ties,” Sept. 2]. I am a Christian, but not a member of the BCC, and I have had friends who have benefited from the group.

When I came to MIT I heard rumors which disposed me against the BCC, and I wanted to find out for myself whether they were true. I found that, while I do not agree with all of their practices or teachings, this church is not a cult and it is possible for a person in it to truly follow Jesus Christ.

I have known several members of the Church of Christ over the last four years whose lives showed evidence that they know God. A student who recently graduated from my program is a member of and a leader in the BCC. He is a compassionate, hardworking person who believes the Bible and respects my relationship with God. I have also known several undergraduate women in the Church of Christ who were not repressed but worked hard in their academic pursuits and were encouraged to do so. They too were friendly, enthusiastic, well-rounded people who supported each other and encouraged others, including myself.

I suggest that you find out who is sponsoring a religious activity and visit several groups to find the place that meets your needs. I also suggest that you find out whether the groups you visit follow God according to the standards in the Bible and that you not dismiss the Church of Christ a priori.

Amy Courtney

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