Homeless targeted

Homeless targeted

Time Out magazine (UK), 16-23 August 1995.

A religious cult’s plan to open a housing advice centre has been attacked as a cynical attempt to recruit new mnembers from the capital’s homeless.

The London Church of Christ offered to pay rent deposits. But this on condiction that they undergo a urine test as the church will not help those with drug or alcohol problems.

The church’s proposed drop-in centre will be based on Tooting High Street [London] just yards from Threshold, a well-established housing advice centre.

Ian Convery, project manager of Threshold, said he was concerned that the church, which has been accused of brainwashing its members and putting pressure on those who want to leave, is trying to poach his clients.

It was reported that someone had entered his office and distributed leaflets, offering one man a rent deposit, if he took a urine test.

The London Church of Christ initially targeted young professionals and students, but over recent years, has become increasingly interested in recruiting from among the young homeless population.

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