Speakers say West Virginia University has cults on campus

Speakers say WVU has cults on campus

The Associated Press, April 5, 2000

MORGANTOWN — At least two cults disguised as religious organizations are operating at West Virginia University (WVU), according to cult experts who spoke at a college forum.

Kyle Degge, a former cult member who has helped people get out of cults, said the sects use manipulative and unethical techniques of persuasion and control to advance their leaders’ goals.

Ronald Loomis, an expert on college cults, outlined seven types of cults: religious, meditation, political, new age, commercial, paramilitary and satanic ritual abuse.

He identified the International Church of Christ as one of the cults operating at WVU under the alias “The Edge.” Thirty-six campuses in 14 states and three countries have banned the group. At least 20 of the group’s members attended the forum.

Loomis said another campus cult at WVU is The Roberts Group, a nomadic Christian group headed by Jim Robert. Members profess a Christian lifestyle patterned after the 12 Apostles, shunning money and other material things.

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